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The Z-17 telescoping whip is perfect for Parks on The Air, SOTA, Field Day, or any other portable operation you can think of. When fully extended the Z-17 is a full 1/4 wave on 20 meters. To achieve resonance on higher bands simply collapse the sections. If you want to work the lower bands (40-80M) pair this whip with a Ranger 80.


The Z-17 is a heavy duty 17-foot telescoping whip featuring a 3/8-24 threaded base and black heavy wall stainless steel tubing. The threaded base is welded to the first section for a rugged connection.

[Z]-17 Heavy Duty 17' Telescoping Whip

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  • Black electroplated 3/8-24 threaded base

    Black electroplated thick wall stainless steel tubing

    205" fully extended, 23 1/4" collapsed

    10 sections,5/8" (16mm) bottom section, 1/4" (7mm) top section

    Made in China

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