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Upgrade your Wolf River Coil tripod or other mount with the Universal [Z]QD Radial Puck from REZ Antenna Systems!

NOTE: The tripod, radials, insulating washer and SO-239 adapter are NOT included. This item is the puck only.

The puck is designed to work with the existing components on your Wolf River Coil tripod as well as any other SO-239 to 3/8-24 adapter type mount. Please refer to the technical drawing image to ensure your insulating washer will fit in the machined pocket.


By adding the puck to your tripod you can do away with ring terminals and instead use up to (8) 4mm banana plugs. You can even solder in mutiple radials to each banana plug to make radial bundles. This allows you to expand your radial field while making setup a breeze. Make your own radial kit or purchase a pre-built [Z]QD radial expansion kit.To install, start by unscrewing the 3/8-24 coupling nut from your SO-239 adapter. Then remove the insulating washer from the tripod. Now insert the insulating washer into the puck and place the puck on top of the tripod hub. Now reassemble the SO-239 connector making sure the lock washer does not come in contact with the puck. It's important that the washer ONLY makes contact with the plastic insulator or you will create a short in your system.

Universal [Z]QD Radial Puck

Excluding Sales Tax

    Material: 6061 Aluminum

    Diameter: 1.96 in

    Accepts (8) 4mm banana plugs

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