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The Recon 40 from REZ Antenna Systems is a high-performance HF antenna coil capable of tuning 10-40 meters when paired with the [Z]-17 17-foot telescoping whip. The coil body is made from Delrin and 6061 anodized aluminum all CNC machined in the USA. The coil body is 100% weather resistant thanks to its unique design which incorporates the use of O-rings and gasket seals at each joint. The coil’s machined wire groove provides mechanical support and optimal spacing to ensure a low loss coil. Made with 14GA enameled copper wire, the Recon 40 is rated for use at up to 500 watts SSB, 300 watts CW, and 200 watts digital (50% duty cycle).


Switching bands is made easy with the integrated coil bypass switch. When you’re ready to move to the higher bands simply flip the switch and tune the telescoping whip to your desired frequency. The Recon 40 also features our rapid-deploy radial system. At the heart of this system is the radial “puck” that accepts up to eight 4mm banana plugs. This enables quick attachment of REZ Antenna Systems’ 4 wire radial kit and leaves room to expand your radial field for increased performance.

Recon 40

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    Length: 10”

    Weight: 1.54 lbs

    Max Dia.: 2.5”

    Materials: Delrin, 6061 Aluminum, Clear Acrylic, Enameled 14 GA Copper Wire Hardware Stainless Steel

    Coax Connector: SO-239

    Power Limits: 500 Watts SSB, 300 Watts CW, 200 Watts Digital (50% Duty Cycle

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